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What do Zogics and Baby Animals Have in Common?

They are both at the Hancock Shaker Village in Berkshire County, MA! Each year the folks at the Hancock Shaker Village put on one of the regions most beloved celebrations of spring by rolling out all of the spring chicks, lambs, piglets and calves for the general public. It's amazing. The friendly staff and volunteers there, along with some of the kids from the local 4-H let you get up close and personal with the animals and do a great job on educating about farming and raising live stock. And of course, the baby animals are stinking ADORABLE.

As part of our commitment to support local environmental groups and non-profits, Zogics proudly donates our alcohol-free foaming hand sanitizer to Hancock Shaker Village throughout the year. Jon and Lara Denmark were kind enough to send us this great photo of Lara and their son stopping by the Zogics hand sanitizing station at the Baby Animals event this past weekend. That kid is just too cute and I love the way he can't tear his eyes away from our hand sanitizer. Thanks guys!

The Round Stone Barn at Hancock Shaker Village is a great destination year round. It's a beautiful, rich in history and is a great learning experience for any one of any age. The farm was founded by the Shakers in the late 1780's and grew to be over 3,000 acres by the height of their popularity in the mid 1800's. The center piece of the farm is the round dairy barn built in 1826, but my personal favorite is the water powered saw mill that is still in working order to this day. The Shakers were known throughout the region for their honesty and quality of work which included woodworking, metalworking, basketry, broom making, and much more. These traditions continue in a variety of classes, workshops, demonstrations and educational programs that are available to everyone.

I go to Hancock Shaker Village every year and I encourage everyone who can to do the same. Better yet, become a member and help support this great cultural resource. You can find more information on the village, their programs and becoming a member here.

Still not convinced? Here are a couple of photos that I took at last years baby animals...I came dangerously close to trying to smuggle this little lamb out of there.

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