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Where's the Dirt?

The good news: 2 out of 3 health club members report they have never been to a club they perceived as unclean and 84% view their current club as clean.

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Gym Germs? Gesundheit!

Here in the Berkshires, it can be difficult to maintain our regular exercise during the winter months. Just this morning it was -6* Fahrenheit! But our active routines have such big benefits when it comes to keeping up with healthy habits and...

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Hand Sanitizers Reduce Absenteeism

How to Reduce Germs and Absenteeism in One Easy Step!

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Clean Balls

Balls. Basketballs, volleyballs, and every other sports ball: covered in dirt, covered in sweat. But not just these—they’re also covered with icky and dangerous germs. Germs such as staphylococcus, candida and E. coli, oh my.

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Launching Zogics Australia!

We're thrilled to announce Zogics Australia! Now our mates down under can order Zogics' full lineup of gym cleaning and safety supplies directly from our new Sydney warehouse. From gym wipes to hand sanitizers to first aid kits to AEDs, Zogics...

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Valentine's Video Contest!

In the spirit of St. Valentine and "love" we are opening our Valentines Day Video Contest. Everyone who enters gets a roll of gym wipes. Winner gets $100.

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Hand Sanitizer Sent to Peace Corps!

At Zogics, giving back is part of who we are. We give 1% of all our sales to local land preservation organizations. When the earthquake struck Haiti in 2010 and more recently, when Hurricane Sandy struck the Northeast, we sent hand sanitizers...

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Beware of the Breakroom

I was cruising around WebMD today trying to diagnose the following symptoms I've been having for the past week or so:

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Mobile alerts from the CDC

The Center for Disease Control now offers mobile alerts as a new resource for credible health information and tips.

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Teens Getting Drunk on Hand Sanitzer

I've posted about this before; People who are so desperate for a drink that they start guzzling alcohol based hand sanitizer to get drunk.

A report featured on the Today show yesterday brought attention to how this trend is becoming popular with...

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