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Hand Sanitizer Sent to Peace Corps!

At Zogics, giving back is part of who we are. We give 1% of all our sales to local land preservation organizations. When the earthquake struck Haiti in 2010 and more recently, when Hurricane Sandy struck the Northeast, we sent hand sanitizers...

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Mobile alerts from the CDC

The Center for Disease Control now offers mobile alerts as a new resource for credible health information and tips.

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Teens Getting Drunk on Hand Sanitzer

I've posted about this before; People who are so desperate for a drink that they start guzzling alcohol based hand sanitizer to get drunk.

A report featured on the Today show yesterday brought attention to how this trend is becoming popular with...

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What do Zogics and Baby Animals Have in Common?

They are both at the Hancock Shaker Village in Berkshire County, MA! Each year the folks at the Hancock Shaker Village put on one of the regions most beloved celebrations of spring by rolling out all of the spring chicks, lambs, piglets and...

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March Madness Winners!

The Kentucky Wildcats did what everyone expected them to do last night by claiming the 2012 NCAA Championship title. It's their 8th title and its been 14 years since they claimed their last one. If you are a Kentucky fan (like me) today is a...

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Salmonella Outbreak

The CDC is reporting that a new outbreak of three, rare strains of Salmonella is making its way across America, currently affecting 16 states.

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Health Club Spotlight - Anytime Fitness

Each month Zogics chooses a health club to spotlight from our Facebook fans. Spotlighted clubs get 10% off gym wipes & 20% off commercial hand sanitizer during the month they are featured!
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