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What's Trending in the Industry?

See what's trending

What's trending?

I don't know about you, but staying on top of some of the trending industry articles can be time consuming. That's why we're making is easy for you. We've looked through some of the most popular articles that have been posted in the last few weeks and are sharing our favorites.

Take a look at our 3 favorites:

1. Give and Take: The Importance of Strong Vendor Relationships

Strong vendor relations

All club operators should look into a company’s core values and mission before making a major purchase. If they align with yours, your relationship with that vendor is likely to be a long-lasting one.

“It is very important for any gym owner who really cares about the level of experience you’re trying to create for your members, to try to figure out exactly who you’re buying from,” said Avina II. “If it’s a brand you know well and align with, then you can create a better relationship, send emails back and forth, communicate often" said Jose Antonio Avina II.

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2. Four Ways Upsells and Downsells Can Benefit Your Club

Upsell by offering a dedicated locker with daily laundry service

At its most basic level, a strategic upsell creates happiness, is complementary to the initial purchase and grows your revenue. Imagine offering a dedicated locker, with daily laundry service, at a boutique gym in a cosmopolitan setting. Now you’re really serving the needs of the busy executive clientele who refuse to haul sweaty gym gear around the city.

A downsell provides value when there is an objection to the main offer and is helpful in offsetting the dollars invested to earn a new client. Suggesting an affordable monthly-payment option when someone refuses the paid-in-full annual membership may create a new member.

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3. The Four Business Outcomes You Should Consider Before Investing in New Health Club Technology

digital fitness solutions

Adam Zeitsiff, CIO at Gold's Gym International, shares how he determines which technology to invest in, what type of technology will affect the industry in the future and how technology is changing member acquisition and retention.

So what type of technology might affect these areas for Gold's Gym and other club operators in the next two years? Virtual reality, artificial intelligence and mobile, digital fitness solutions, Zeitsiff said.

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