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10 Tips for a Healthy Fall


Autumn is finally here and that means it is time to pick out some pumpkins, turn on the heat and prepare for winter. Though Autumn brings colder weather, this does not mean you have to skip your workouts. Let's take a look at some helpful tips to keep you in shape and healthy during the fall season.


Hydration is Essential

Hydration is certainly important in the hot summer months yet it is also vitally important during the fall season. This is the time of year when winds pick up and dry out the skin. Bring water with you each time you step outside. Regular hydration will control your appetite and help your body recover from the strain of exercise.


Make Fitness a Regular Part of Your Weekly Routine

If you have grown a bit tired of your usual workout, mix things up with some fun exercises. Anything from yoga to ballroom dancing or Tai chi will inject some much-needed enjoyment into your workouts.


Mind Your Sleeping Habits

Sync up your body's internal clock to the outdoor environment when fall rolls around. This is a transitional period of the year in which the outdoor environment changes. You need to change your body in accordance. Try to spend some time outside within 10 minutes after waking. Enjoy the bright morning light for at least half an hour. Try to avoid lights at night within a few hours of your bedtime. Exposure to lights late at night will likely make it quite difficult to get to sleep.


Incorporate Beans

If you typically avoid beans as they cause flatulence or aren't as satisfying as meat, you aren't alone. Plenty of people skip the beans for varying reasons. Many people find beans do not cause as much flatulence if they consume them on a regular basis. So let your body get used to beans in a gradual manner. Beans are loaded with strong protein, potassium, fiber, iron and folic acid. Furthermore, beans are a tasty comfort food that add considerable texture and flavor to stews, soups and casseroles. It will also help to add some beans to the top of your salad. If you dislike bean texture, opt for the comparably smooth and somewhat creamy hummus.


Get Involved With Your Community

The fall season brings about all sorts of fun events geared toward families. Take a look in your local paper for information about reindeer romps and turkey trots. You will also likely have the opportunity to participate in all sorts of Halloween-related events such as group runs through town. Sign up for these community events and you just might form one or several new friendships that have the potential to last a lifetime.


Hit the Trails

Autumn is the perfect season for trail running. Get outdoors, run those trails, take in the beauty of the fall foliage and you will feel quite fulfilled. If there aren't trails by your home, you can run at a local park to appreciate the beauty of the multicolored leaves and other lovely fall scenery.


Stay Active With Autumn Activities

Autumn is the time of year to go pumpkin picking, explore corn mazes, amass leaf piles and venture through those haunted trails. The temperatures are just right so you can spend hours outdoors engaging in these fun activities with family and friends. So be sure to plan ahead and organize a get-together with others to stay active once autumn arrives.


Mind Your Fall Exercise Gear

Be sure to dress appropriately for your fall workouts and community activities. Don clothing that shields against the harsh winds. When in doubt, prepare for potential drops in the temperature during your outdoor exercise by wearing multiple layers. Bring along gloves and a hat just in case it rains or the wind picks up.


Exercise as Early in the Day as You Can

Don't let the time change and early sunset fool your body and mind. If possible, exercise early in the day. Morning exercise kick-starts your metabolism. Furthermore, the sun sets earlier in the fall so it feels as though it is later in the day once the afternoon approaches. If you wait too long to exercise, you will likely feel fatigued even though you aren't actually tired. So be sure to exercise early in the morning when the sun is shining bright. You will get much more out of your workout as the shining sun makes you feel energetic and motivated to go your hardest.


Make Those Autumn Chores a Workout

You can burn more than a hundred calories by raking leaves for a mere half hour. So approach those autumn chores as an opportunity to get some exercise. Get those chores done quickly and your will burn away some of that pesky fat.

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