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5 Marketing Tactics for Studio Success


If you are looking for an effective way to market your fitness studio, it is time to try something different. A little bit of irreverence for marketing convention might be exactly what your gym needs to reach the next level. Let's take a look at five creative marketing tactics for gyms.


1. Let Interested Prospects Try the Gym for Free

Implement a guest pass system so friends and family of current studio members can try the gym. You can also offer a free day to the general public so they can experience what you gym has to offer. If you do not want to open your gym to the general public, consider reducing your membership rate during a trial period. The key is to let interested parties give your gym a try. Once they can experience what your gym is all about, they will be that much more likely to pay the full price membership.


2. A Fun Exercise Environment Sells Itself

Focus on making your studio fun and word will spread like wildfire. People are looking for an upbeat, enjoyable workout space that brings them closer to others in the community. Add group fitness classes, speakers, events, competitions and giveaways to make sure your gym remains lively. You can feature these fun activities in your ads to make the best possible impression.


3. Team Up With Another Local Service Provider

Marketing your studio along with the services and assistance of another business in the community will prove mutually beneficial to all parties. Find a local business willing to advertise your gym and return the favor in your studio by advertising or selling their products. Whether it is a local health food spot, a nail salon, sporting goods store or other business, nearly any additional exposure in the community will help both businesses.


4. Hold a Free Event

It might seem a bit counter intuitive to give something away for free. After all, your fitness studio is in business to make money. However, giving interested people a try or showing them a demonstration of your gym's fitness equipment might prove enough to convert them into paying customers.

Anything from a no-cost clinic on weight loss to a mobility clinic, conditioning session or other get-together will help spread the word about your studio. Furthermore, such an event makes it clear you are interested in helping community members get in shape and live healthier.

Tout your free event with a press release. Craft a detailed press release that explains the purpose of the event, the basics of your business and all the event "deets" as some like to call them: date, time, location etc. Provide this press release to newspapers, news channel websites, radio stations and anyone else in local media. Once people step foot in your facility, it will be that much easier to convert them into profitable customers.

5. Launch a Referral Program

Members will be that much more inclined to recommend your studio to others if they are rewarded with some form of positive reinforcement. Implement a referral program that provides rewards for gym-goers who refer new members. Rewards can range from a free month of membership to free personal training sessions, protein shakes, workout gear, a gift bag with health-related items like vitamins, supplements etc. Encourage members to bring a guest along to try out the gym and they will be that much more likely to sign up for a fitness studio membership.



Be Open to New Studio Marketing Ideas

Some of the ideas outlined above might seem off-the-wall yet they will prove effective in due time. You might not notice an immediate spike in memberships or gym visitors yet your gym will gradually enjoy an uptick in business in the coming months and years. Continue to try new marketing strategies until you find the perfect mix for your unique gym.


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