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5 Tips for Picking a Yoga Studio


No two yoga studios are the same. Though some yoga studios might look somewhat similar, each has its own unique feel, aesthetics, qualities and other nuanced features. Certain yoga studio elements add to the space's functionality. Other features boost studio ambiance and set the stage for a truly rewarding exercise session. The bottom line is that there are plenty of things to consider when selecting a yoga studio. Let's take a look at some helpful tips in your quest to pick the best yoga studio.

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1. The Yoga Studio Should Have all of the Necessary Equipment

A yoga studio that is merely comprised of a hardwood floor, four walls and a ceiling will not suffice. Though a yoga studio does not need to be loaded to the brim with exercise equipment, it should have plenty of yoga-related items to make the session as enjoyable as possible.

The yoga studio should be loaded with yoga equipment like yoga mats. These mats should be soft, comfortable and clean. Additional examples of commonly used yoga equipment include bolsters, blocks, blankets, straps, balls and chairs. The space should also have an easily accessible source of water, towels and a clear path to the bathroom. Don't forget to add some all natural antibacterial wipes to the yoga studio. They should be positioned in an area of the studio that is highly visible and easy to access. This way, gym members and staff can grab all natural antibacterial wipes whenever necessary to clean up sweaty or dirty portions of the studio. The yoga studio's floor should be free of germs, dirt and odor at all times.


2. Ample Space is a Must

Yoga is on-trend at the moment and likely will be en vogue far into the future. The yoga studio you pick should have plenty of space. Consider the fact that some members will bring their personal sundries with them to yoga classes. The studio must be large enough to account for all of these people as well as their personal items. Think about the number of people that will be in the room, envision them performing yoga and consider whether they have enough room along with some extra personal space for a comfortable buffer zone. Assume the class sizes will continue to grow across posterity. This means you should select a yoga studio that is large enough to meet current demand and then some. A larger space will accommodate for growth as time progresses.


3. The Yoga Studio Should Have an Area to Provide Individualized Attention

Some yoga learners will require individual attention from the yoga instructor. The studio should have an area that is separate from the main space where one or a couple students can receive individualized attention from the instructor that doesn't disrupt the rest of the class and is at least somewhat private.


4. Consider the Yoga Studio's Acoustics

Some yoga studios have terrible acoustics while others have flawless acoustics. It is important for the entire class to hear the yoga instructor loud and clear. The most popular yoga classes have 100 people or more. If those in the back or to the sides of the studio can't hear the instructor with clarity, they will eventually become disinterested in taking additional classes at the facility. So be sure to perform an acoustic check before committing to a particular space for your yoga studio.


5. Look for a Happy Medium

Pick out a yoga studio that is just the right size. All sorts of problems arise from yoga studios that are overly large or too small. Opt for a happy medium that allows for optimal visibility of the instructor positioned at the front of the studio along with excellent acoustics. This way, the studio will fit a considerable number of yoga learners yet it won't be too large to view the instructor, enjoy the aroma of burning incense, hear the music/instructor and spot any visual niceties like Hindu imagery. When in doubt, opt for a medium-size space that will accommodate between 50 and 75 people.

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