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6 Ways to Use Mobile to Grow Your Gym Profits


Mobile devices has made it that much easier for gyms to recruit new members and maintain the interest of those who have already joined. However, plenty of gym owners and managers are not taking full advantage of these tech improvements. Here's a look at how your gym can capitalize on mobile growth to add to your bottom line.


1. Transition to Electronic Referrals

It is quite surprising to learn how many gyms still use paperwork to have members refer a friend. Transitioning referrals to a mobile app would create a seamless process and increase overall referrals. If your gym does not yet have an app, it is time to add one. Once the app is in place, all one will have to do is tap on their contact and the app will send a text message with download link for the club app.

Once the invitee has received the app, he can sign in and visit your club with a convenient mobile guest pass. It is unnecessary to rely on a tedious paper referral program to generate interest in your facility. Your members will thank you when they don't have to fill out paperwork just to refer a friend or family member. Upgrade to an app for mobile referrals and your business will blossom.

2. Connect Your MMS

Now that you have hopped on board with collecting referrals in a digital manner, you can centralize a section for the organization of those referrals. Your gym's mobile app logs the new referrals to the member management system in an automatic manner. This facilitates the tracking of leads and allows for an efficient scheduling of follow-ups.


3. Implement Incentives

Every club should have a mobile rewards program. Each member referral will generate reward points. These rewards are the positive reinforcement your members need to continue referring friends and family members to the gym. Don't be stingy with the rewards. The small investment in this form of positive reinforcement is well worth the money.

You don't have to give away lavish trips to the islands to keep members interested. Consider offering something like an iPad or a smart speaker to the member who earns the most points in a referral contest. If an iPad is too rich for your tastes, consider giving away something like ten free smoothies or personal training sessions. If your gym adds half a dozen members during the period of the contest, you will net a positive return from the investment in the prize. Not only will your members will be more engaged, they will be inclined to renew their membership. You will also receive substantial income generated by the new members.


4. Make It Easy for Invitees to Convert

Prospective members referred to your gym should find the process to be easy and straightforward. They should receive “push” notifications in an automated manner. These notifications will guide them through the process of becoming a member. It should outline the steps needed to sign-up and all the benefits of your gym. Minor notification reminders will minimize the number of prospects who lose interest during the trial period.

5. Consistent Digital Communication

Once a prospect is referred to your gym, you have the opportunity to engage him or her with the full range of your marketing tools. Exposure to such marketing tools drives meaningful digital engagement. A fully engaged prospect will understand the benefits to follow through on the invite and join the gym. So don't let this opportunity escape your grasp.

6. Keep It Together

There are plenty of digital reward companies that add on to a gym's current infrastructure. Take a look around for digital rewards programs that are completely integrated with your gym's mobile app. Even something as simple as a password for a third-party site really will stop many prospective members from taking advantage of your gym's reward program. Opt for full integration and make it easier for prospective members. They'll be more to give your gym a visit and join. Complete integration will also encourage current members to fully engage with the your reward program.


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