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Discover Zogics Clean Guide for Business Services

Same Workplace. Same Team. A New Level of Cleaning.

Whether your business operated as work-from-home for the last several months or at a reduced capacity in the office, transitioning to a full staff, back in the office, poses many challenges when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting in light of COVID-19. While the office parties might be kept at a socially-distant minimum, allowing employees to return to a schedule can be at the same time relieving—and maybe even a bit concerning.

What will a normal day in the office look like?  Well, the “new” normal will consist of cleaning and disinfecting procedures, social distancing, and plenty of hand sanitizer stations placed throughout your offices.

Luckily, the CDC has released several documents and tools to guide safety precautions for reopening, or in this case, allowing businesses to get back to work. There’s no doubt that strict cleaning and disinfection guidelines will mitigate the spread of germs. Certainly, this will need to be a team effort in the office, especially in high congregation areasconference rooms, elevators, and break rooms.

With that, we’ve put together a comprehensive cleaning guide for staff and facility keepers to help keep your workplace clean and germ-free, in turn allowing your business to operate at the fullest potential.  




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