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Zogics Employee Spotlight: Jeff Stripp

What led you to Zogics?

The opportunity to work with a growing company is what I enjoy most about Zogics. My role at Zogics allows me the opportunity to wear many different hats, including marketing, business development, website design, social media and customer service, just to name a few. The mix of activities keeps things interesting, active, and exciting. In a few short years the company has built an impressive portfolio of products that help save lives, reduce environmental impact, and keep facilities clean and safe, which I love. I am also impressed with how committed the company is to helping and taking care of their customers.

What do you like most about your job?

Beating Craig in Ping-Pong, for sure. Really, I like everything about my job because I love what I do here. It’s so interesting; there’s so much going on and everyday is a new challenge. Today’s day doesn’t look like tomorrow’s day. The daily pace and change is really cool and exciting. In addition, Paul, Zogics’ owner, has done a great job at building an excellent culture focused on serving the customer. Customer service is not a department at Zogics, it’s an everyday and everyone thing. We all have the green light to “wow” our customers however we feel necessary. The bottom line is we are a “service company” that happens to sell gym wipes, AED’s, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, workout towels, and much more…

What is the hardest part of your job?

Beating Craig at Ping-Pong, which has been done only 4 times to date.

What is your favorite Zogics product and why?

Part of my daily activity includes listening to our customers talk about their business and understanding their needs. I like to believe my favorite product is the Zogics product that has not been developed yet. We are constantly listening to our customers and trying to understand what they need – that’s where the next Zogics product will come from. I know there will be something new and that’s why it’s my favorite because it’s unknown. If I had to pick a current favorite product it would be our best-selling gym wipes, our Wellness Center Wipes, because one of my biggest pet peeves when working out is moving to the next machine that is covered in sweat from the previous person. I know that gyms who use our gym wipes don’t encounter this type of frustration. In addition, every gym that uses our wipes is saving their clients time, saving themselves money and ultimately creating a healthier environment.

What impresses you most about our customers?

There’s a customer in Burlington, VT (The Rehab Gym) who was one of my first significant customer interactions. After some initial email exchanges and phone conversations with the owner, we made a connection that went beyond gym cleaning supplies and needs. I am relatively certain that we won their business because we shared similar philosophies, like working hard-playing hard, giving back to the community, loving what you do, serving customers first, believing in the importance of a friendly, fun and happy work environment and understanding the value in team collaboration. Perhaps what impressed me most was their commitment and passion for serving their customers. I know this is not an isolated example There are many customers like that. Most of the customers that I talk to are passionate about what they do, helping their clients and keeping their facility clean.

Tell us something about your life outside of work.head coach jeff stripp

I’m an avid lacrosse fan, coach and former player. It’s something I spend a fair amount of time doing. I love working with players and helping them to develop as young men, student athletes and as lacrosse players. Lacrosse is one of my not so secret passions.

What is something you never leave the house without?

An optimistic attitude!

What is your favorite physical activity?

Besides playing lacrosse, I really like hiking different trails in Berkshire County, MA. I am currently training to begin competing in 5K races in the Fall.

What is your most significant athletic accomplishment?

As a lacrosse player, I was selected as an All-American my Junior and Senior years at Williams College. As a coach, it was beating the defending State Champs - Minnichaug High School - in the 2nd Round of the 2013 Western MA State playoffs.

What is your biggest gym pet peeve?

It really is cleanliness. I think that’s another reason I like Zogics, because I think our products help gyms, salons, hotels, schools and other facilities stay safe and clean. I think cleanliness or lack thereof can make or break the success of a facility – it is that important to clients.

Tell us an interesting tidbit about yourself.

I’m in love with most female singers. A few that are on my current playlist include; P!nk, Stevie Nicks, Whitney Houston, Anna Kendrick and Sheryl Crow. [Editor’s note: Jeff’s taste in music is most unfortunate]

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