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Product Spotlight: Silver Defender

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  • Innovative tape acts as an antimicrobial barrier
  • Silver Defender products offer 24/7 protection
  • Perfect for high-touch point surfaces


Silver Defender Antimicrobial FilmA Solution for High-Touch Points

The things our hands come in contact with as we're out and about are much more front-of-mind than ever before. Doorknobs and door handles, credit card machines, railings, elevator buttons - all everyday necessities, but after the last year, ones that give us some pause when we go to use them. A great solution to create peace of mind (and continually clean surfaces) at your facility for staff, guests, and those who visit your establishment? Silver Defender adhesive films.

Protect high-touch points with Silver Defender Antimicrobial Film
Waterproof and resistant to most chemical agents (like bleach, alcohol, and common cleaning products), these self-cleaning adhesive films use contain an antimicrobial agent—silver ions—to protect the film from bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi. The technology used in Silver Defender films is activated by touch, light, and air pressure, keeping the surfaces it's applied to constantly clean. What that means is worry-free maintenance of high-touch point areas, without the need to disinfect daily. The tape is effective for 90 days once applied to the surface. 


Silver Defender is Easy to Install

Silver Defender films install and remove from your chosen surfaces quickly and easily. Each type of film is designed specifically for the surface it will be applied to.

How to install Silver Defender Antimicrobial Film

Silver Defender film can be applied to door handles, faucet handles, bathroom stall locks, grocery carts, refrigerator handles, pens, elevator buttons, and many other surfaces. 


Safe and Secure

What's even better? Silver Defender products are safe for everyone to touch. There are no known adverse skin interactions or allergic reactions to Silver Defender products, or their ingredients. If you need to wipe off any material or fluid that is deposited onto the surface of Silver Defender products, you can use common cleaners and cloths.


Silver Defender is an Award Winner

Among its many accolades, Silver Defender is an ISSA Innovation Award Services and Technology category winner. The Innovation Program serves as the primary product and service accelerator platform for pioneers in the commercial, institutional, and residential cleaning industry. These progressive solutions address key challenges industry professionals are trying to solve in their daily operations. This product is also a 2021 Gold Stevie Winner for Entrepreneur of the Year and a 2021 Edison Awards nominee.

Award winning Silver DefenderSilver Defender Provides Peace of Mind

At times such as this, a new standard for clean surfaces is essential as many more people are out and about. This call for a new standard of clean has been answered by Silver Defender, who has raised the bar on clean for touchpoints in high traffic areas.


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