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Top 5 Benefits of Buying Bulk Bath & Body Supplies

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  • Why buying bulk bath & body supplies make good business sense
  • Benefits of bulk supplies 
  • Bulk bath and body supplies' role in your facility plan

sept21-bulk-shampoo-feature1. Bulk Bath & Body Supplies = Money Savings

When you buy in bulk, you’re purchasing products at wholesale prices, which naturally reduces costs. For example, a single bottle of hand soap may cost $5 in a retail store, but when you buy in bulk, a box of 40 of the same hand soap is priced at $120, equivalent to $3 per bottle. Let’s say you go through a box of 40 hand soaps every six months. The $2 difference in price per bottle leads to a cost-saving of $160 every year.

When you consider all the types of cleaning supplies you regularly use, such as shampoo and conditionerlotion, hand sanitizer, and body wash, you could be looking at hundreds and potentially even thousands of dollars saved. 


2. Buying Bulk Body Care Supplies Saves Time

Buying your bath and body supplies in bulk not only saves money, but it will save you and your staff time from needing to purchase supplies every month. As you build a solid list of supplies that you purchase consistently, review the supplies you've been using on a regular basis, and consider our autoship program for easier reordering and even greater savings.  


3. You’re Equipped For The Long-Term 

Don't run the risk of running out of hand soap or shampoo and conditioner for your guests and members. Having enough of these supplies on hand ensures that each and every guest feels accommodated, plus it saves you time and money by having bulk refill gallons on hand.

Keeping your body care supply well-stocked ensures that your business is equipped to turn over rooms quickly, or in the case of a salon or other facility, keep members and clientele comfortable and cared for. 


4. Bulk Buying Helps Budgeting & Inventory Management

Your cleaning staff will have a good handle on how much product they go through each month, which will allow for easier budgeting and reordering. Staff will be able to anticipate when a new order will need to be made and where further costs can be reduced.


5. Reduce Your Environmental Impact When You Buy in Bulk

When you purchase your bath and body supplies in bulk, your business is doing its part to contribute to sustainable environmental practices. Bulk body care products use less packaging, and with fewer materials used, you’re helping manufacturers and suppliers save on energy, fuel, transportation, and other operational costs. 

It’s easy to see why buying facility supplies in bulk is beneficial for businesses across all industries. Body care supplies purchased in bulk for your business will help your facility maintain a standard of cleanliness, promote your brand of hospitality to your clientele, plus you'll enjoy all of the benefits listed above.



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