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Cleaning Essentials for Every Facility


It's not difficult to maintain a clean facility, yet it's one of the most important aspects that members look for. With the right equipment and training, you and your staff can create a spotless space for guests to enjoy, and more importantly, return to. We've been promoting a culture of clean for years and have developed a variety of products that support this mindset—take a look at our wholesale cleaning supplies that will help you create an environment with enhanced safety, longer-lasting equipment, happier members, and a healthier bottom line.


Gym Wipes

Zogics gym wipes are loved by thousands of facilities all over the world and have earned this reputation by providing an easy and effective way to keep equipment and frequently used surfaces clean, disinfected, & deodorized. 

Our full family of gym wipes includes Antibacterial Wipes in Bulk (EPA approved & kills 99.9% of germs), Wellness Center Wipes (perfect blend of strength & wetness), Value Wipes (biodegradable & budget-friendly), and Sanitizing Wipes (great for use on both surfaces & hands). 



Gym Wipe Dispensers

Having durable gym wipe dispensers placed strategically throughout your facility makes sure members see them and use them. We've developed free-standing floor dispensers that can be placed anywhere along with wall-mounted dispensers for easy access at those highly trafficked areas in your club. 

Our sleek Stainless Steel Gym Wipe Dispenser has a built-in trash can that eliminates unsightly overflowing trash cans. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution, The Cleaning Station dispenser holds your favorite roll of Zogics gym wipes, includes a hand sanitizer dispenser, and has a hidden trash can while providing shelving for additional cleaning supplies.


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Cleaning Solutions

While your members use gym wipes throughout the day, your janitorial checklist needs to have some high-quality, effective cleaning solutions. To get the job done, our newest line of eco-friendly cleaning concentrates covers everything from general cleaners to restroom specific cleaners, glass cleaners, degreasers, & more. Zogics Clean liquids are super cost-effective and one 32 oz. bottle can yield several gallons of usable cleaning solution. Not to mention, these products have environmentally conscious formulas, and you'll greatly reduce your amount of plastic waste. Now that's a win-win-win!

Accompanying our Zogics Clean lineup is our classic, EPA approved, industrial-grade Commercial Disinfectant Concentrate. This bad boy stops the spread of harmful germs, bacteria & viruses, and its tough cleaning properties are trusted in hospitals and health care settings. 1 gallon of our disinfectant concentrate makes 64 gallons of usable cleaner which will help you with that next big equipment purchase you've been saving for.



Cleaning Cloths & Rags

All-purpose microfiber towels are perfect for picking up dust, dirt, and grime and can be laundered hundreds of times for long term use. Microfiber cloths are eco-friendly and absorb 7x their weight in liquid. These towels come in a variety of colors for the brand conscious facilities and are a must-have in any janitorial closet and cart.

Complete your cleaning towel supply with some terry towels for general clean up, polishing, drying, & painting. They are low cost, making them ideal for commercial cleaning that occurs frequently.



Cleaning Bundles

We're pretty obsessive about cleaning and have assembled some great product bundles for your shopping convenience. Proper cleaning requires several items that often work in systems (wipes & dispensers, cleaning solutions & spray bottles, paper towels & touch-free dispensers, etc.). Save yourself some clicks and time finding those paired products with our cleaning bundles. Here are some to get you started:

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