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Product Spotlight: NEST NYC, Pharmacopia & Apotheke Bulk Body Care

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  • Discover the finest names in bulk body care at Zogics
  • We proudly offer Pharmacopia, NEST New York, and Apotheke
  • Bulk gallon shampoo, conditioner, body wash & more are available

Looking for bulk body care from luxury brands? We're pleased to offer three well-known luxury body care brands in Zogics lineup of bulk body care. Each of the three brands, NEST New York, Pharmacopia, and Apotheke, have established themselves as premiere consumer brands, and are available from Zogics for use in your hotel, Airbnb, vacation rental, facility bathrooms, and more.

Let's take a quick look at all three brands.


NEST New York: Where the mood is elevated and scent celebrated
NEST New York bath & body care

NEST New York's fragranced personal care collections transform every day through scents that transport, inspire and captivate the senses. Recognized by the fragrance industry as a game-changer, NEST founder Laura Slatkin has a unique approach to fragrance, artfully blending notes of the familiar, the exotic, and the unexpected for a fragrance experience like no other.  

NEST Fragrances New York’s hotel bath amenity collection is perfect for guests that are looking for an elegant, luxurious travel experience. NEST Sicilian Tangerine body is infused with tantalizing Sicilian tangerine and delicious bergamot, plus mango and passionfruit for a soothing, pleasant scent. These exquisitely fragranced body lotions and bulk shampoos and conditioners are crafted with natural botanicals, antioxidants, and plant extracts that condition and protects the skin.



Pharmacopia: Plant-based body care that cares
Pharmacopia natural body care

Pharmacopia is a modern apothecary collection of better-for-you bath + body care products for home and away. Its mission is to make healthier, affordable bulk body and hair care products available to everyone.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, and founded in 1999, Pharamcopia products are and have always been paraben-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. Now, over 150,000 people per day experience Pharmacopia amenity products at upscale hotels worldwide.

Whether you're a boutique hotel or a vacation rental property, somewhere in between, or want to experience the clean feeling of our Pharmacopia collection at home, you’ll appreciate the economic savings of these natural, organic bulk body wash and bulk body care products.



Apotheke: Farmers' market beginnings

Apotheke bath & body care products

Apotheke started out selling soap at farmers' markets in New York. They were imperfect, they weren't packaged, and they were oddly shaped. But they made customers fall in love with ingredients, manufacturing, and scent.

Years later they were still hustling, working multiple jobs, and selling soaps and candles at flea markets in Brooklyn when a miracle happened. An unassuming man dropped his card at their booth and told them he wanted to place a wholesale order.

Little did they know they would be introduced to the world overnight in West Elm stores across the country. Since then they have grown their expertise, scents, and love for making beautiful products. We're pleased to offer bulk gallons of Apotheke body care to enhance your rental property, spa, or home.


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