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Top 8 New Year's Resolutions


New year's resolutions are not limited to those who have packed on the pounds, under-performed at work or need to address another personal shortcoming. Gym owners and managers should also make new year's resolutions. Change your facility for the better in the upcoming year and you will reap the results in the form of an increase in member retention as well as an influx of new members. Here is a look at the top new year's resolutions for those who own or manage fitness facilities.


Freshen Up Your Facility for the new Year

The average gym smells a bit funky for good reason. People are pushing themselves to the maximum in the facility, sweating and generating body odors. Use the new year as an opportunity to freshen up your facility. Spray air freshener to eliminate the odor of lingering sweat. This is the type of odor that will cause potential clients to turn away and give their business to competitors. It will also help to make use of commercial air fresheners. Position them in a strategic manner along with a HEPA air purifier and you will trap nasty odor-inducing bacteria while enhancing the smell of your facility.


Focus on Safety

The odds of an accident happening in your gym are actually quite high due to the fact that people are going all out. There is also a chance for an accident to occur in the locker room, shower and other areas within the facility. Be proactive by providing your employees with a safety refresher. Review safety measures in-depth. Double check to ensure all essential safety equipment can be accessed with ease. Take a look at the first aid kits, automatic external defibrillators and fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers more than a decade old should be replaced to ensure functionality.

If you notice any safety equipment has incurred damage, replace it with a new and functional one. Gauge whether you have an adequate number of first aid kits available to support several members. There must be enough automatic external defibrillators to accommodate those in your facility in the event of an emergency. When in doubt, err on the side of having more than necessary rather than less. Test the automatic external defibrillators to ensure their batteries and electrode pads are functional.


Replace Broken Equipment

If your gym has any broken equipment, the new year is the perfect time to perform repairs. All of your fitness machines should be in perfect working order to start the new year. Keep in mind plenty of people will consider joining a fitness facility following the holidays as they have gorged on sweets, meats, alcohol and all sorts of other tasty treats. The first couple months of winter represent an excellent opportunity to nab these guilty eaters and convert them into paying gym members.

Make sure all of those machines are in working order so these prospects think highly of your gym as they take a tour, try out the facility and discuss its nuances with others. If you find a machine can't be fixed but still partially functions, remove it until it can be repaired. If it is impossible to fully repair the machine, do not put it back on the floor. A half-working machine is no better than a broken machine from the perspective of your members.

Clean up the Aesthetics

Take a close look at the exterior and interior of your gym. Look for scuffs, scrapes, chipped paint and other aesthetic blemishes. These might seem like minor issues yet they certainly mean a lot to those who are considering joining a gym.


Add to Your Staff

Business will undoubtedly pick up with the new year. After all, the cold weather has arrived and people are eating more than they should. Many feel slightly shameful following extravagant holiday meals and parties. They will be looking to shed weight and get in shape for the new year.

If your facility does not have enough staff available to answer member questions, address their concerns and generally lend support, members will be dissatisfied with your facility's customer service. This is a surefire way to lose members and subsequently, take a major hit to the bottom line. So do not hesitate to add one or several employees for the new year. They can help as a steady stream of new members are added following the holidays. These employees will continue to lend assistance as along as your membership base stabilizes in the months that follow.


Check and Restock the Cleaning Supplies

This is the time of the year when people are sick. Many will show up to work, go to the gym, shop and socialize with others even though they have a cold or another illness. Germs are subsequently spread and even more gym members will become sick. So double up on those all-important cleaning supplies. Order extra sanitizer, disinfectant and antibacterial soaps to combat the cold and flu.

Perform a thorough clean of your facility. Sanitize all those surfaces, nooks and crannies to guarantee guests will not be sick simply because they tried to stay in shape by exercising at the gym. Even something as simple as placing hand sanitizer by the check-in desk will go a long way in preventing the spread of germs. Another small addition that can make a big impact is the placement of gym equipment wipes by machines and weights. Encourage members to wipe down everything they use, especially during cold and flu season and you will notice a reduction in the number of members who are ill.

Zero in on Your Gym's Social Media Presence

If you have not yet established a Facebook and Twitter feed for your facility, the time to do so is now. If you already have a presence on social media, use the new year as an opportunity to update your accounts. Do not lose sight of the fact that plenty of members and prospective members spend a considerable amount of time on the web. A large portion of these individuals are active on social media.

Providing regular updates will not suffice in and of itself. Interact with others on various social media platforms. Answer inquiries, address concerns and respond to all forms of feedback. Continuing to engage prospective and current members on social media will only benefit your facility as time progresses.


Survey Gym Members and Staff

Use the new year as an opportunity to review feedback from gym members and employees. Reflect on what went right and what went wrong during the year. Incorporate suggestions from those who provided feedback and your membership will gradually increase in due time.

If you are concerned with the prospect of performing a survey, do not worry! A survey is easier to conduct than most assume. It can be done with a mass e-mail, a suggestion box or an online survey. You can also glean important insights by taking a look at the reviews of your fitness facility posted online. Spend some time browsing social media to gauge what people are saying about your gym on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. If you find common threads between these sources of feedback, take action as appropriate.

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