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Managing Your Facility

Could any of these Superheroes manage your facility? More and more super heroes are testing their super skills by taking on day jobs. But when it comes to managing a gym or fitness facility, you need more than super powers. We put a few of our favorite fictional superheroes to the test (if you have read this far enjoy $10.00 off on your next order of $100.00 or more. Use … [Read More...]

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first aid kit

First Aid Essentials

It’s National Preparedness Month! You've probably already read our post on the 7 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Emergencies. As a follow up we have created a … [Read More...]

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Shayne Skov

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.

In honor of football’s fall kickoff and our new Locker Room Essentials Guide, we thought we would share with you some of our favorite memorable "locker room” … [Read More...]

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Fall in to fitness in the Berkshires.

Fall Back in to Fitness

We tried to fight it, but Autumn has found us once again. Daylight is waning, temperatures are dropping, leaves are turning, and the bustle of the holidays is quickly rushing in. Don’t let the occasional gray sky, or that chill in the air, keep you indoors. … [Read More...]


Send Pic! Get Gift!

Contest Winner! Great Weekend Photos     Show us what you do outdoors! Take a pic of your weekend adventure and receive a surprise gift. Best photo gets a #ZogicsLove gift box. Submit your photo by: Sharing it on your … [Read More...]


There’s a Reason We’re Here – Reason # 413

At Zogics, we often break up the day by hiking trails surrounding our office, but lately, it’s the long walks to our fridge that’s diverting our attention. Beer labels outnumber condiments on our shelves 3:1, so when Thrillist put our sleepy town on the liquid … [Read More...]


Ready to Throw in the Towel?

We live in controversial times. Heated dialogues regarding environmental issues are sure as rain. The paper towel versus automatic hand dryer debate is a topic we’ve touched upon before. At Zogics, we sell both. However, our clients – and most of our team … [Read More...]

Berkshire county fall

There’s a Reason We’re Here

Whether born in these rolling hills, or you’ve come to the ivory-steeple towns later in life, there are a kaleidoscope of reasons we call the Berkshires home. Our sense of place is deeply rooted in the bucolic landscape and storied past. The farm-to-table … [Read More...]